25 thoughts on “2nd Inning Highlights: IPL 2012 – KKR vs CSK, Match 63

  1. this year ipl first knock not team is dc,rr,pwi,and csk.next out of tournament is the great comedy piece of cricket “the punjab kings 11,” oye oye ahhhhh,ahhhhhhhh

  2. yes csk lost i agree, but kings11 punjab were u went for the past 4 years,kings11 punjab raped csk this year, but csk and other teams in ipl are fuckedthe kings 11 for the past 4 years in front of all indian cricket fans, so the kings11 pls try to enter the play off and speak, i will tell kings 11 never ever wins the cup of ipl 2012,king 11 dont be a comedy piece of cricket ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Being in semis is not at all a big thing now a days!
    If they were in semis why did not they get into the finals nd won it ?! o.O
    CSK.. DLF IPL 2008 – Finalists
    DLF IPL 2009 – Semi Finalists
    DLF IPL 2010 – Winners
    DLF IPL 2011 – Winners
    I do not think I need to tell you more about this!

  4. csk also lost match and delhi was in semifinal for 2 times and now also
    the best batting line up

  5. mr gothwal were is UR dare devils for the past 4 years ahhhhhh, first ask ur devils to prove one time then u speak ok already we gave some to delhi did u forget it,DELHI OR MUMBAI OR KOLKATA WHO U ARE WHAT UR TEAM MAY BE “JUST BRING IT”-TEAM CSK this is the answer for u my friend

  6. BTW dd just lost to csk duh they made 114 we just learned sometin about you sir your cricket knowledge about recent matches is very extremely poor so get lost cuz csk rule n im proud to be a tam.

  7. INDIA means champions,the word champions means CHENNAI SUPER KINGS

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