15 thoughts on “2nd Inning Highlights: IPL 2012 – MI vs CSK, Eliminator

  1. i am pakistani but i am in a favour of indians teams. first thing, i hate to be pakistani. secondly, indians r good, atleast they can speak good english. and our fucking players mother chod chutiya, when they speak english, put finger in ear or nose. i wish i was hitler, would shoot em all together in a row. behan chod hain. pakistan na mera lun. by god feel really ashame to call myself as pakistani

  2. 6:50 – hilarious when the commentator from behind nudges “citi moment of success”.

  3. For their performance after the strategic timeout… AWWWW YEEAAAHH!!!
    for dhoni and bravo smashing the ball like there was no tomorrow? AWWWWW YEEEEAAAHHH!!!

    CSK ku whistle podu! 😉

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