21 thoughts on “Full Match Highlights: IPL 2012 – CSK vs PW, Match 24

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  2. For a 10 second video to be played we need to buffer it for 1 min horrible too horrible yuck

  3. bull shit.. not able to watch this..

    always says “An error occurred. Please try again later”


  4. @indiatime….guys i really than you and appreciate the fact that you guys made a video aabout sunil gavaskar’s windies language, but since i live in USA, i cant watch it :'(

  5. Not able to watch on mobile … It’s bull shit …. Plz do something for mobile user

  6. Not able to watch the video… Horrible!! Please do something at the earliest.. It will help people who miss live action.. Help us to watch highlights properly.

  7. can you guys do something, so that these video’s can be watched, why only these videos cannot be buffered, my internet speed is 30mbps. do something !

  8. admins of indiatime, can you guys please make a video of sunil gavaskar speaking the west indies language please~~~ 19:39 – 19:46………. please please please

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