23 thoughts on “Full Match: IPL 2012 – MI vs RCB, Match 54

  1. Harbajahan at the toss: *shrugs* We were batting first…
    Classic line. Especially after Virat had won the toss! Kind of leaves you wondering… XD GO MI!

  2. Idiot!! He is a great player. 32 wickets in 3 tests against Australia!! Quite a few hat-tricks. Any way MI are the best team in the world. Look at the batting line up and the bowling line up.

  3. I don’t know mate, you may be right. Mahela is no longer a hero to me. May be you will or will not agree, but he didn’t leave the crease when he had an edge. I was so sad, that my hero died. You can say whatever you want, and I don’t mind.

    I respect honest play over talent.

  4. Smith conceded the match to RCB by dropping a simple catch of Gayle…………..CATCH MISS=MATCH MISS

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