24 thoughts on “MAX IPL CRICKET PROMO-2

  1. so shiv seena have threatened Australia now…………..
    who are the terrorist now????????


    Pakistan Zindabad

  2. superb video.
    hai which capture card you used to record this video?
    please tell me the capture card’s name and its india rupees.

  3. guys plz tell me set max is temporary closed in dubai i want to know wether it is coming in india?it went off b4 the start of third test i

  4. super ad !!! isn’t there a english version of this as well ? would love to share that with the rest of the world. …

  5. Good execution of the concept. Really rocking!!. Ad agency got the real insight to this campaign.kudos

  6. This is one of the best game criket. IPL is the one which is rocking which unites the world. The ad rocks…

  7. I love IPL. I watched it everyday with family when it came on TV. I will watch it again. Better than K serials. The ads are funny.

  8. i think there are not many variations in this promo …though towards the end it looks exciting…IPL promos or no promos needs no introduction…ppl are any which ways going to watch cricket-we love cricket dude!

  9. Excellent Video….It is really good for our unity…..

    People think same for out Terrorism too, don’t think just for the IPL….as no other country can think what power India has?

    Jago log Jago!!!

  10. Well, I truly accept merry’s talk concept is really amazing…but besides this…its like…..Youtube videos has lots of videos…but this video I liked is the concept…As in current scenerio, it is very much rare that people sit together and watch video with 1 TV and much more…

    Keep it up IPL Teams….

  11. I liked the concept…of 1 crore people doing one thing….It was generally happened when Mahabharata used to come on Indian Videos….But I think it will happen again in this IPL…lets rock this time man!

  12. Honestly and with feeling…IPL is a movement. A movement to shatter all barriers…Brilliantly showcased in this video. Also captures the essence of Cricket favoritism in India very well.

  13. This is just Owesome video. I like IPL very much. It is gr8 fun watching it. I wish all the players all over the world all the best for their IPL league in India.

  14. Hey Hurrey IPL is Back with a new zeal and battle plan. Get ready for the big cric war to begin.

  15. Gr8 video …Full time excitement and fundoo time pass…irrespective of religions all the country will come together forgetting the pain given by terrorism and recession…..Enjoy Friends.

  16. Hurrrrrrrrray!!! IPL comes again. I like IPL for its unity in diversity funda. I found it very interesting with different players all over the world coming together for the league which is being played and hosted in India. This is a great steps for world’s unity.

  17. I don’t understand why people are so crazy for IPL…….now they won’t bother for recession, terrorism, share market .etc….ok not bad , will have to go with trend right…..and this video is good enough to understand EK DESH EK JUNUN

  18. yes totally agree…its good but lil cliched yaar…i mean it looks abvious..however the tempo builds ups as the ad progresses…good job!

  19. You know something guys if our government take right action against this terrorism then koi kuch nahi kar sakta hai.trust me …………anyway are u with Knight Riders

  20. Hey Pal! For a security reason they are keeping this secret.don’t u know that… tab tak wait karo

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