10 thoughts on “Pan Vilas Shaukeen Pal: IPL 2012 – CSK vs KKR, Final

  1. How about all you angry people just shut the FUCK UP for a couple of minutes! I mean jeez, come on! This was supposed to be a video that will crack some laughs! But instead you gotta be intense and gotta start bash a country over the play of this stupid game! Have a laugh for one will ya!?

  2. shakib al hasan rocked the finals . this guy got so much potential . he is top all-rounder of IPL5 and still the match squad selector chose ryan ten doeshcate to play in all matches instead of him . shakib has missed out many matches despite being no.1 all-rounder . this shows how racist indian selectors are . they would choose white over black no matter even if they have to lose.

  3. 😀 with funny music it’s looking awesome 🙂 KKR ROCKS! proved to all that they’re best!!!

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