Pune Test was Better for Part time Bowlers

Many experts reckon that Pune test between India and Australia was one of those matches where the wicket was probably good for the less capable bowlers and not that much for the better ones.

As bizarre as it may sound, but, the fact is that you don’t need too much of movement on the ball to get a batsman out because if the ball moves too much, it will go past the batsman without coming in any sort of contact with the bat.

What was happening in Pune was that there were massive rough patches on the pitch and thus whenever the ball was coming down with a lot of revolutions, it was taking immense turn and was beating the batsmen rather than nicking him off.

In contrary, the balls without too much of revolution were turning lesser, but, turning enough for bringing the outside edge into play and getting the batsmen dismissed.

The earlier case applied to the Indian spinners. The deliveries coming off their hands were spinning like a cobra, absolutely squaring the batsmen up on occasions and making for great viewing on TV, but, not producing the wickets.

And then their attempt to change the length in frustration were resulting in bad deliveries and creating scoring opportunities for the batsmen.

The Aussies, on the other hand, were doing the latter, just looping it up there and getting only enough spin out of the pitch. However, that was not the only reason for them being more successful.

It should also be mentioned that their lines were spot on as well. Unlike them, the Indians didn’t particularly bowl a good line, especially their left arm spinner. His line should probably have been more towards middle and leg rather than off and he should also have tried over-the-wicket angle more often than he did.

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