Rohit Sharma in fine form for World Cup

Rohit Sharma is looking in fine form for India at the moment. He has just returned from a hamstring injury, but, there is no fuss about his timing and all. He took the Afghan bowlers to the cleaners at Adelaide Oval in the practice match the other day. His pulls and lofted drives were intimidating.

He was still poking at deliveries pitched short of good length in the channel of the fourth and fifth stumps, but, that’s something which is just a part of his game. You might call it a weakness.

However, the good thing was that he got away with that and got some runs. That would make him feel confident ahead of taking on Pakistan.

What makes Rohit different from a lot of other openers around the world is that he is so good against spin. If a mind fade doesn’t occur and he just plays spin normally reacting according to the quality of the delivery, there are not too many spinners in the world who can get him out.

But, he, sometimes, feels the necessity of going after the spin and perishes. He perhaps gets bored of knocking the ball here and there for singles. Every now and then, he would step out and look to deposit the ball in the oblivion.

Being confident and backing yourself to clear the rope all the time is not bad, but, at the same time you should be slightly careful if the fielder is placed right back at the boundary. The boundaries are not the smallest on Australian grounds.

Rohit is one of the most astute players if the conditions are not alarmingly bowling conducive. But, would he turn up on the big nights?

This is his first World Cup mind you. He had missed out in 2011.