25 thoughts on “Acer.eu vs Against All Authority – Game 2 – IPL 5 EU Regionals 4 – League of Legends – IPL5

  1. Why exactly do you think I put “apparently” at the end of my first statement last response?

  2. You shouldn’t.
    Not giving a fuck is essential on the internet.
    You’ll learn that some day.

  3. No, I should work on giving a fuck, apparently.

    Out of curiosity, what grammar errors did I make?

  4. I’m not telling because it has already been named previously. And I even acknowlegded as such. For those of you who clearly are dumb/trolls, I was talking about Fiddlesticks. Fiddlesticks and only Fiddlesticks is a ranged champion with the “jungler” tag when you click character overview.

  5. Well, since you’re not telling and talking high I guess I have the right to say kid detected?

  6. Since when in the hell do either of them have the “jungler” tag on them? Troll detected.

  7. I hope you are not hinting at twitch or kayle cause the first one isn’t legit in ANY position whileas the second one is even more blue dependent than amumu.

  8. Karthus can get away with it, but I meant champions that actually have the jungler tag.

  9. Game starts at 10:18. theres one sec delay on mine so its not the same, will i get top-comment now too?

  10. because you have to ignore him and kill the adc and ap carry in teamfights but its very hard to ignore a cho when he can just cc your whole team

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