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  1. so wot u dickhead????u guys always lost to us badly in kabbaddi and yet ur fellow terrorist talk about u being the stronger den us…i was just reply to those dumbfucks…if u feel bad ..i don give a fuck…

  2. shoaib.. or breet lee sy mokabla kar raha hai.. es ko wwf ky liay bhejo.. bowling es ky bas ki bat nahi..

  3. india mein sab politics chalta hai even i can bowl 150 kmph i bowled in mrf pace foundation phir bhi mein pune ki taraf se select nahi ho gaya politics sucks ipl sucks

  4. yeh sab juth he he gandu india me kyun nahi aa raha hai yeh trailer toh 5 saal purana hai salla lavdu

  5. his action does not contain any hip drive chest drive drop step front foot block and many important elements of fas bowling

  6. raft ka saudagar,,,lol such an ass hole indian media. i know lots of people they can bowl more 165 miles.

  7. its just a bull shit.if he’s fastest bowler than y ur fuckin board does’nt take him in team??????chutiya channel or chutiya bowler.sub dramy bazi hy yeh.Shoaib is fastest bowler still n will remain….

  8. ye sala anchor gandu hai…aur ye channel bhi bewkoofon ka channel hai….Atul sharma ko is channel ne aise hi utha liya…ab kidhar gaya ye chutiya..

  9. abhi aya hai nae anay se pehle hi shor machana shuru kardia…. India should realize that they cannot produce legendary fast bowlers… like Pakistan cannot produce greatest batsmen…

  10. shera281 – Marathi hai, proper mumbai ka, next time proper language mein bathe karne , warne tera pura kata kah parcel kardega

  11. its not matter of speed doen make bowler legend swing and line and lenght make bowler gud thts why in pressure situation indian bowler make more impact then pakistani bowler like in world cup

    i feel sorry for India’s desperation for getting a genuine fast bowler, borrow from Pakistan, they got heaps, one goes and another comes….lol

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