25 thoughts on “CLG Prime vs mMe.Ferus – Game 2 – IPL5

  1. Either mono s taking crack stuffed mushrooms this round or its damned rigged.. lost blue to a tiny DoT? Pointless fb? Full hp amumu not going for 20% hp skarner? Rigged as fuck :-

  2. fk man like honestly only people that run bd is clg, and they run it perfectly
    your comment is like saying ap mid… so creative, if you dont want to see it, dont watch

  3. Here is another game showing how broken and over powered Rengar is.
    thanks Riot for bringing us this stupid champion.

  4. Batman definitley never got over the death of his parents hes still a lunatic wearing a costume e
    very night searching for fights with other crazy people… doesnt sound healthy too me

  5. u deny that sk is a top class team = ignorant retard that doesnt know what hes talking about

  6. You mean that SK that never won anything and went 0/3 at s2 finals? Btw, i dont remmember them beating m5, unless maybie in some scrim or online tourney where m5 never tries hard. Again, im not disputing effectiveness of this strat, i just find it stupid thats the only one they do. And S3 will show which team is good and which is bad. And you dear sir can go fuck yourself. See you soon when clg plays against a real team and gets analed.

  7. SK gaming have beat m5. they are a top team. Now stay quiet and go back into your corner, dumbfuck.

  8. Dont see why you have to offend me, but i guess you have some problems with yourself. Honey, raging at people on the internet wont help, go to the guys in white, they can help you. As for people with brain, like M5, they play alot of different strats, which is why they teared clg a new asshole at iem world semis this year. Even tsm employs more strats than clg, but thats not the point here. Yes, this strat may work against average teams, but against top teams… not a chance. kthbye

  9. thats like saying. “TSM WINS teamfight again. for the gazillionth time. So creative.” Retard. Its a strategy, it may not suit 500 elo players like you who only think teamfighting takes skill but people with a brain can see the skill it takes.

  10. Not really… problem was they should’ve noticed rengar wasn’t there, plus they know about the teleport since the start. The thing is people get mad cuz they dont think they should’ve won that round because of their strat but then again wouldn’t that just be them exploiting their opponent’s weakness? These aren’t 1300 elo players they’re playing against, neither is SK.

  11. Split push is just a fancy name for backdooring. Yes, i know, he does have minions with him, but its essentially the same, drag enemy team to baron, attack base from behind.

  12. The real kicker is ppl still fall for it… Also, theres a difference between backdoor and split pushing…

  13. Not at all, but in some strange case that they actually want to win a tournament, they could come up with some actuall tactics.

  14. I feel like MME wasn’t playing anywhere near as good as everybody knows they can play. Balls gave FB top inside 4 mins despite having both a ward and Flash at his disposal. Aphromoo accidentally stole Blue and Xmithie let it happen. Xmithie gave up chasing and killing Lautemortis for no reason at the 4:45 mark. At 7mins when Bigfatlp went top to help gank Balls, Mandatorycloud didn’t even try to roam or counterjungle or push.. instead choosing to jungle… ?? So different from their usual play!!

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