25 thoughts on “Full Match: IPL 2012 – CSK vs KXIP, Match 37

  1. ipl main pakistaniyon pe hi pabandi kyon kyon k india ko pta hai k yehi pakistani hmare saath khel k hmare khillaf acha khelen ge

  2. bhala koi kyon apne ghar main bomb blast kre aur pakistan pakistaniyon ka ghar hai aur dushman hi pakistan main bomb blast krwate hain just like indians

  3. pakistan ko is liye hit kya ja rha hai kyon k is ke pass neuclear power hai taliban bhi america ke hi hain aur al qaeda bhi

  4. if any muslim conduct a problem then he is guilted for it and if america or non muslim do it then that is for peace just like america killed 8 lakhs japenese in hiroshima why u didnt called it terrorism aur agr koi sikh ya jew dari rkh leta hai to wo apne dharam ka parchar kr rha hota hai aur agr koi muslim dari rkhe to use cutter kaha jata kyon

  5. who started the first world war who muslims?who started second world war muslims?who killed 20 milllions aborigines in australia muslims?who sent the neuclear to hiroshima and nagasaki muslims ?who killed 50 millions indians in south america muslims ?

  6. but indians also cant stop their girls that they come towards pakistanis just like sania mirza bhabhi g
    ok all non muslims says that muslim are teoorrists but who is responsible for it
    america and all non muslims
    who blamed on muslims
    and pakistan real bombers and terorists are america and non muslims u blamed pakistan thats why that they have neuclear bomb and why non muslims restricting iran to get neuclear bomb because they r muslims

  7. I’m the biggest CSK and Dhoni hater…if you were here before then you would have seen the hate I had for Dhoni fucker

  8. fuck you 600asdfasf you’re just butthurt coz csk lost and dhoni will not let you suck his dick

  9. roses are red, lemons are sour, open your legs, and give me an hour, roses are nice, violets are fine, i’ll be the six, if you be the nine.

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