25 thoughts on “Full Match: IPL 2012 – DC vs KXIP, Match 53

  1. well its was good chatting, eventho we werent always nice to each other. n the end its was kool. respect one and all and halo another day. peace from the west indies.

  2. Take care all of you 🙂 father, tinybaby, basikara and others !! see ya soon again.

  3. Hahaha, I stopped being bad, then someone else pops out with the same dirty attitude like me…!! animals are better , they dont have racism !! take care all.:)

  4. @faher: dude u laughable man. enjoy ur night dude nd mayb whn u gt up u b a better human.

  5. DC could do with some bengali players at least they will be cheap and can better then what they have now

  6. @mytinybaby : I hope so too !! We will have another opportunity to talk again, world is tooo small…:-) I will try to be a leader next time 😉 promise !! you all take care till we meet again

  7. with his power he should be..i always liked him yuh know..he always give 110%..i am sure it will work out for him

  8. @mr basikara: the aussies came here thinking they run over us but we did then. overly they hv to respect this new west indies team. i wont b surpise to c sammy playing for a ipl team next yr.

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