22 thoughts on “Full Match: IPL 2012 – DC vs RCB, Match 71

  1. bloody bitch.rcb sucks like anything.you had only gayle.if there is no gayle im pretty sure that your team would have been in the last place .bangalore sucks because of its over population traffic and some uncivilized or illiterate person like you.fuck rcb .as some one said go to your mama and cry like baby you mafu

  2. Royal Challengers Bangalore Always chokes when Gayle gets out early..See the run rate declining as he got out.!!

  3. i wanted to see the ape sidhartha mallya’s reaction after this game, but i think he left the stadium before any camera catches his crying, weird & funny face

  4. What Actor Vijay is doing in Hyderabad? I mean the song “Appidi podu” from Gilli movie played at 2.54.18

  5. this is bad coverage from IPL – they should have had a camera in Madras to show people cheering after DC’s win, had this been the situation in any american game we wud have had great coverage

  6. csk greatest opporunity for payback to MI – they stole our win in the last 3 balls scoring 14 runs!

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