25 thoughts on “Full Match: IPL 2012 – MI vs DC, Match 40

  1. i simply love mumbai…….im sure that they will definitely win this years ipl!!!GO MUMBAI! i HATE DC though i am from hyderabad!i only like steyn in DC,all other players are waste!!i dont even understand why in the hell do they even play when they,themselves know that they are going to loose!!

  2. Ratthik, go to school, you seriously think I would believe your dad is a policeman? If he was, he would send you to school 🙂

  3. who apparently defaulted on payment so BCCI terminated their contract.. im sure there was much more to that story than has been disclosed

  4. #MI wonnnn!!!!
    Well played Steyen…..even I don’t likie ur team…..but well played…..Carry on!!
    Rohit…Sachin….Frankilin…..Peterson….love ya all :))

  5. rathikk, i’m sure your dad, if he even is a policeman, would give a shit about swearing

  6. Now where r u all #DC fans?
    Now y r u all sooooo quiet?
    #MI won……soo happy…..#MI won that’s mean I own win :)) @shanmukh ….. now u need to go to hell not I ….!! so plz mind ur lang

  7. REMINDER: 6th May, Super Sixes at the WANKhede Stadium. Chennai and Mumbai will be involved

  8. well said shanmukh
    and benny thought u werent gonna argue? and im 10, my dads a policeman, and he’s watching u swear.

  9. @benny you are officially a dickhead ( mind my lang) , everyone in this forum has a problem with you so you might as well shut up

  10. “Desperate” and “Threatening” are what you call “Big Words”. How old are you, Rathikk?

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