10 thoughts on “India TV sting reveals spot fixing and black money in IPL – IV

  1. reporter ke chhucho pur baal itne aache lag rahe hain ki ki uske boobs mein lund marke hue wuske baal kheechne ka dil hain´╗┐

  2. bechare… dosron pe ungliyan uthane walon ke ungli ek din toot jate hai.. ­čśÇ ahhahah bara bolte thy humen.. or maze ke baat to´╗┐ ye sare hindu hain gambling main shamil… ­čśÇ

  3. @IndiaTV , ap log tw keh rhy´╗┐ thy k PPL ( Pakistan Premier League ) ko kesy bachayengy fixing se.. Ap k country ko kya hua!! INDIA SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Do you know why Adolf Hitler banned cricket in Germany? In 1937 Adolf Hitler was watching a Cricket match that went on and on. Adolf Hitler kept´╗┐ asking when it would be over, and his minster told him it would continue the next day for the entire day and well into the evening. Adolf Hitler said, ‘By the time this stupid game is over, I could have conquered three countries.’

  5. the only way for BCCI to avoid this in future is to have an open auction for uncapped players´╗┐ as well..why are they deriving them of money its hard to understand..BCCI knows this very well that uncapped players are being payed more than their current slabs..they were playing with fire..

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