3 thoughts on “Indian Players Into Spot-Fixing In Indian Premier League Spot Fixing Scandal

  1. IPL is den of match/spot fixing, initially it begins with Sharjah where
    influence of Indian fixers is comparatively less. To grip complete
    influence they started IPL where they can do whatever they want. Such a
    huge involvement of money in IPL by a poor country like India is telling us
    nothing but an contribution of black money by Indian BHAI LOG. Only way to
    stop cricket from these black sheep is to terminate IPL. ICC have to do
    some hard steps, they have to sacrifice money for sake of cricket.

  2. Tip of iceberg. Corruption in cricket is huge. Staged tournaments, more
    people glued to TV, more ratings, more money. Small players caught while
    big ones are still out there with their boards

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