25 thoughts on “IPL Spot Fixing & Match Fixing – Cricket Corruption Sting Operation

  1. dear bro Razzaq is a match winner. india most welcome him. even we indian pakistani always fight for nothig. can we make peace a live with love

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  3. before 47 it was us-there was no pakistan -Tamil tigers were in Srilanka get Ur facts right-Indian Punjab is a booming zone-with one of the fastest economic growth in Asia-its not like pakistani punjab were there is 18hrs of loadshedding-youth getting brain washed by talibans than roasted of drones-how about target killing in karachi on daily bases-will it ever top-sectarian killing in balochistan-and talibans in the north-so which part is safe

  4. Lol! Some Pak govts have been put incharge by USA but those are the same govts that r destroying the nation. AN Indian should never tell us whos the dog and whos not cause U have been British Dogs since before 47. Ur first governor general was infact a British guy not an Indian. Lol! keep having wetdreams and obsessions withy Pakistan, while Naxalites, Tamil Tigers, Khalistani, and other seperatist movements divide ur shithole of a country.

  5. since day one of its existence pakistan is the biggest poodle of united states-that’s the fact even Pakistanis believe in it-get ur facts right-pakistan ko to tootna he hoga-that’s important for the world peace

  6. Lol! u have been sayin that since day 1. Most Balochis dont want to separate and even if they do the dignified ones dont want help  from u filthy scums cause they know wht happened to Bangladesh. There r 62 sepratists movement operating in India and u talkbout BLA. Humans? Humans dont eat filth like u guys do. If we r subhumans u guys are pigs. Just cause we r not ready to sell our dignity to the west, like u. Doesnt make us terrorists.

  7. beta bangladesh bhool gaye-90000 POW’s record created after the second world war-any way SIACHEN was well inside pakistan-we now control 85 percent of it-the same siachen were 100s of paki soldiers were buried alive

  8. Another Indian, Another Pathetic comment, keep on dreaming son, thats all you ever gonna do.. you tried declaring war on both 2002 & 2008-09 yet you sit there talk big.

    You’re what 3.5x bigger country, yet three war & you couldnt take over Pakistan while Pakistan took half of Kashmir from u.. but NO u won all wars lol

    u believe you seperated Bangladesh, just look at the map u ignorant fool, Pakistan & Bangla werent even attach to eachother, show some balls now & try may be screwing with us now

  9. beta kashmir to bhool jao we will also take balochistan away and make it a seperate state-pakistan is not a civilized state anyway-pakistanis r not even considered as humans they r subhumans thats the reason they had to wait extra when passing through immiration of any other country-by the way we indians knows very well how to treat these terrorist-time for the world declare this filthy state filled with brain washed mullahs as a terrorist state

  10. Try fixing ur filthyness, try fixing the cast system, try fixing the income gaps in ur country. Its like buying a Mercedes when u don’t even have proper food to eat. Terrorism? Wtf was 84? Wht the fuck was Gujarat riots? Wht’s goin on in Kashmir?

  11. I dont understand with more than 50% of the population under the poverty line and 70% of people with no toilets where the hell do u get the nerve to brag about ur big companies. Instaed of barking ignorant shit on utube see for urself how ur IPL begged Pakistanis to play. SRK on tv said that he really wanted Razzak to play for his team. I can see all the bullshit propoganda in ur movies, dont need to tell me. Instead of building railways and call centers try building some sewage systems. cont

  12. a single Indian company reliance has got more value than the entire karachi stock exchange-its a open fact pakis die to play in IPL and watch Bollywood we unlike pakistan r not a hub of international terrorism-i have seen the condition of pakistani railway compare that to ours-by the end of next year we will start operating bullet trains – all the big metros have metros-mumbai will be getting mono -to the world boycott this filthy nation know as pakistan unless it stops supporting terrorism

  13. Wht does tht have to do with previous arguments. I told u that ur nation is the hub of filth and u had a hard time accepting that fact so u divert arguments towards criminals. So lets be it that. I guess u never have been to Bombay which is the hub of Cricket Gambling and millions of other crimes. ICC is India’s baby thats why u cheat in cricket. Fuck Ipl! it was ur IPL bitches like SRK and modi who begged Pakistani players to play look it up urself bitch. Begging us to come to ur filthy nation.

  14. all the worlds most wanted criminals have been killed or arrested from pakistan-the whole world knows the real face of this terrorist state-any way back to cricket-ICC is a baby of India-Indian companies sponsors 85% of the worlds cricket-PCB all the time begs in front of BCCI its the open truth-we indian knows how to deal with u guys-bloody beggers wants to play in IPL

  15. That rest of the world eats an animal that eats its own waste. Its okay for u guys to justify eating pork cause u are filthy by blood. BTW some people in china eat anything that walks on 4 legs. Epic center of filth is right beside Pakistan with 1.2 billion filthy people. BTW its funny how u change the topic from pork to terrorism on a cricket video. U Indians really know how to dodge questions aye.

  16. even the rest of the world eats pork including china-all r progressing and miles away from this epi center of terrorism known as pakistan

  17. Sorry dude but its Indians who like eating anything filthy and dirty and pig is one of em. Keep eating filth and drinking filth cause thats in ur blood u dirty Indian.

  18. why is there always a war going on in such videos???GROW UP guys…
    nothing can part these two nations (India & Pakistan) from each other from the World Map..
    someday or the other there will be a Peace between two nations…then why not give Peace a chance NOW…have some respect for each other..and stop doing blame game and all this bullshit…..humble request..

  19. Porki have some pork chops and a pint of lager(kingfisher) and u will be sorted

  20. hahaha your jealous because you live in shithole that stinks of monkey crap you peace of dry Indian shit. go have a shower for once. dont feel bad that your so ugly because your just one of the billion uglies on your country lol .i rather be anything than shit smelling, poor,worthless, ugly, black as fuck Indian lol i don’t know how you have access to internet in the slums you live in. fucking PIG eating animals. u are just like the pigs they eat there own shit




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