22 thoughts on “KKR win their first Indian Premier League title : IPL 2012 – CSK vs KKR, Final

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  2. 1:00 -1:07 we made our name so dont worry csk fans and well done KKR but wel be back next year with more SIXES and FOURS and try to take back our crown!!!

  3. maybe this is why manoj tiwary is rarely selected, cause he took cup away from csk! as well as bislah and co

  4. Fuck Mahindra Singh Dhoni, its all about Manvinder Singh Bisla! Future Indian Wicket Keeper.

    MS Bisla >> MS Dhoni.

  5. Shahrukh khan so cocky motherfucker stands on the balcony thinks he is the king when he is a piece of shit

  6. aww poor dude. go to ur mom dont cry here. Cup went 2 the deservent’s(we r 1 not 11 or more) hand.

  7. Hamad. I wanna FUCK your old MOM for Practice..Like you saw Sakhshi and got your rod lifted up,I saw your mom in the market and got my.he he
    It doesn’t take too much time to do the same shit comment on your MOM & SIS. With this shit thought on a married woman, your mind cannot attract any good girl like sakshi in your life.Keep Lusting.But you will be marrying only a Dumb Ass. This is NOT A Curse but Psychology (Law of Attraction,You attract only what you are and not what you want.)

  8. Nothing Wrong… Sakshi looks beautiful, and glamorous, But she is married to Dhoni. So see her like your friend if not like your sister.
    There are many Sakshis around India still unmarried and virgin, who will really fall in love with you Only If you keep your mind pure and romantic… for example like Rajesh Khanna of ( Hindi film Aradhna ). Because… Love attracts Love. But, If you keep a Lustful mind, then for sure.. no girl will come near you and you should keep only Lusting from far.

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