24 thoughts on “Pakistani anchor stating some FACTS about India

  1. They are not leaving their country in despair. Many people go to study outside, become competent and come back to practice here, because the level of education offered in our country may not be good enough, esp for doctors. If they repeatedly have to face shitty bureaucracy that doesn’t enable them to work here with dignity and have a decent standard of living, in my view they would be foolish to deny lucrative offers abroad.

  2. pakistani terrorists are of course hateful abd condemnable

    but normal Pakistanis seem really nice, watch the comedians from pak on laugh india laugh

    so much of political bullshit started after partition. so much time, energy, resources and lives wasted. had the partition not happened trust me we would have been a superpower by now. but now it’ll take many decades to clean up the mess

    and vikrant, why r u so hateful?? hate the terrorists, not the whole country

  3. Man!!! Now that is extreme. But still you can love whatever you want. Still you are better that most of the guys (who love India to Death) leave India to settle in USA, Canada, and other countries leaving their Mothers and Motherland slither in Despair, Poverty, Backwardness…

    I don’t love Pakistan as such, but I love the Hope, the Spirit, the Struggle of Pakistani Young People, to come out of the darkness that these religious fanatics Mullahs have spread like the Black Plague..Tathastu..:-)

  4. raul half knwoledge is always dangerous, better you should check 100 times., yeah may be all panday’s , pandya, pandurang are bramhans but all pandeys are bramhan. though i am fair in color, but geogrophical cndition effects skin color not cast or religion.

  5. “I am Indian and I love Pakistan to death! God bless them!”
    you need to be in a mental hospital….LOL

  6. Hey dude I just replied to the most recent comment, one on the top, which was yours. It wasn’t directed towards you, which is why I wrote “for those who are interested”. Just chill!

  7. And you thought it was important to send this message to me ???

    I never questioned your lineage or descendency….

    I also know several people from Bihar with the surname Pandey… and as far as I know..

    Not all Pandays are brahmins….. pandey is not exclusively a brahmin surname

    Thats all I said. You should reply back to the ones who are insinuating that you are not Indian !

    Pandeys are essentially dravidian brahmins or of lower orders taht is why they come darker skinned.

  8. If India and Pakistan were a single country, we would have been an unbeatable superpower!

  9. What an interesting discussion on my genealogy!
    For those who are interested, I’m a Pande from Raipur, Chhatisgarh. Raipuri Pandeys are Brahmins who migrated from Bihar. My grandfather’s spelling was “PANDEY”. My dad dropped the “Y” in his name because he thought it was cool 😉

    Hey Princedemars, are you from Pakistan?? I’d love to be your friend!!

  10. I think you need to read up more ….

    Pandit is a very common Brahmin name…… Usually the pure Pandits are lighter than the average Pakistani who is deemed light skin.

    Their origins have been from Kashmir as well…. but most have migrated and settled in the konkan and coastal areas of India to avoid persecution from the religion of peace !

    You need to get your facts straight as well.

    Pandey’s are not necessarily brahmin. some are , some arent thats why a lot of them are darker skin!

  11. Lol… they can be really racist!

    Just like us Indians who are lighter skinned poke fun at hte darker one…. its not their fault..

    They culture is primarily the same as north indian punjabi … just that they are essentially muslim… its just how the north indian public behaves and reacts wtih the south indians.. its the same..

    but yeah… having good pakistani friends is possible!

  12. Pande, Pandey, Pandit, Pandu, Panda, Punde, Pund, Pade…Have you ever heard about these Gotra in Hindu Brahmins? Even I have not Heard of them..but you who is on Internet should use Google to verify facts. Pade likhe ganwaar hona achchi baat nahi hai.

    Aur Akshay ki soch ke liye tumko use kuye se nikalna hoga jiske tum chhote mendak ho. Nahi to India ki soch bhi aur choti ho jayegi. Pakistan ka youth bhi is soch se kabhi na kabhi bahar aa hi jayega aaj nahi to kal, ho sakta hai thoda time lage.

  13. Agar Pakistan achhe padosi ki tarah ho ta to India Kabka Supar power hota. India ki adhi Takat to Pakistani Army aur ISI Ke gand me jo kide hai Usko marne mehi chali Jati hai.

  14. Hmm interesting. I didn’t know they were racist. It’s quite un-enlightened to poke fun of darker skinned people.

    We Indians can also be obnoxious sometimes, as demonstrated by the variety of hateful replies to my comments.

    Anyways, it was nice to converse with a decent, educated person on YouTube 🙂

  15. I assume those guys have parents who are more exposed to other cultures and hence are more tolerant.

    I also know that if you are a light skinned Indian, they will be really nice to you!

    If you are dark skinned plus a Hindu , they will be unbelievably rude to you…. I dont fall in this category, because I have always had good relations with Pakistanis.

    However, I have seen how my paki friends also poke fun at Indians ….. they have done such things right in front of me !

  16. Hw many fake acounts u pakistanis have? Pande??? A person never gets his surname wrong!

  17. YOU FUCKING IDIOT. first u aint INDIAN and if u r then u should be thrown in to the bay of Bengal

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