24 thoughts on “Sensational victory of Mumbai Indians over Chennai Super Kings in Match 49 of IPL 2012

  1. dear MI thz for memories coz this all what we have left, really losing by 38 runs on the most important match.

  2. in the previous match mumbai indians were defending 4 runs off the last ball and in this match they needed 4 runs off the last ball and they managed to win both matches.

  3. My mom had tickets to this match. I refused to go because of my lunch date. Mum ended up going with her friends. I’ll never forgive my girlfriend for this. NEVER!

  4. agree with u but only if they have a proper batting order and the players are managed correctly….they are capable…..!!!!!

  5. yep. T20 World Cup Team. Gayle, Dr Smith, Dywane Bravo, K Pollard, A Russel, D Ramdin, D Sammy, S Narine, K Roach and R Rampal. all of these are good T20 Players, people may complain bout Sammy, but Sammy is a good limited over player, but a Totally waste in Test Match. He should retire from Test and Focus on T20 and ODI. With this team, West Indies have every who can Hit Big beside K Roach, all the rest are boundary hitter. only if West Indies Selector Choose the Best 11 for the World cup

  6. zippy: I am a Tamilian and i love Sachin …!! If u wanna say how Much i like him ,, ” There is No Cricket to me after Sachin retires ..!! ” ..there r lots of fans for Mumbai Indians in Tamilnadu too …!! Ur saying ” dhoni eat idliss ” is hurting us and our Unity …..

    and Further There s No other Food in the World which is as Lite and healthy as Idly ..!!

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