25 thoughts on “EA Sports Cricket 2012/2013 – DLF IPL 5 Patch {Download Links + Gameplay} [ORIGINAL-HD]

  1. Yes ALL THE LINKS are added to CricketPatches website. Please visit that and there’s a post on ZAX-256 BatPack. Download from there.

  2. Hey I m getting several “async ….fsh or …. big error”
    what to do???
    also the link for zaxotes 256 batpack is not working!!!!!

  3. Thank you bro, (OMGAyusHD) For the spliting the zax batpack i’ll be gratefull to you

    OMGAyush Production ZINDABAD!!!!!

  4. want to download and play ea cricket games and patches visit here w w w. ea cricket games by hg .com

  5. bro I cant. I have exams going .. my internet sucks.. btw just download it… wait for 1 hr… it will be downloaded 🙂

  6. My Exams are going on, I could hardly spent some time on this : I’ll upload it after 1st October 🙂 Thank you for your patience ;D

  7. @ Ayush Dudheria @Pratik Mahajan : I have given you the link of ZAX 256 BATPACK. Now, Can do a favour on me ????? I want you to make a RAR ARCHIVE of the ZAX 256 BATPACK and split them into SIX PARTS using WIRAR and upload the links/send the links to me via email because I DONT HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION. I have to visit a CYBER CAFE and it’s NOT POSSIBLE to download a file of 135 mb at one go in an hour. I will be gratefull to you. Anticipating a POSITIVE REPLY.

  8. y r u renaming urself again n again OMGAyush HD to Nick Strauss n now Ayush Dudheria

  9. Dude, Thank you a LOT. Please give me your e-mail. I will give you the LATEST updates and releases of my latest patches, and you will be the first one to test it….and yeah.. so many clones of my videos : I can’t even ban them because Youtube would think I have copied them : … And Guess What, the copies have reached more than 8,000+ views! They 1st on google search EA Sports Cricket 2012 which I use to get : Damn.. those days…

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